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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Become a member of the M.I.7

If you want to become a member in the M.I.7 (Secret Intelligence Service) you must be aged between 10-15 and had a good trainig status, you could have been trained in the Science Museum in the Spymaker exhibition or if you had not had recent training you can be trained by the M.I.7 tutor.
There are already members, if you are one of them please put your agent number and pass-word bellow:

Agent number: 6065

Pass-word: ****************

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Coronithia's National Animal

Coronithia's national animal is the panda and it has been for twelve years. Some people might want to change it for a few months, if you want to why not vote now?

Thursday, 6 August 2009

New planets found!

Coronithia has founded a new company called N.P.S. (National Planet Searchers)
Every week the probe will send new pictures, so stay alert!
They have sent a probe to get picture from oter planets in Komodia.
It has travelled thousands of miles and has sent back todays images:

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Cruiser, Spy Probe, Death Star, Colony Ship, Heavy Fighter, Death Ray, Bomber, Small Cargo, Light Fighter, Transporter, Large Cargo

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

C.P.F. Spot unidentified ship passing by Komodia

The C.P.F. have spoted a ship coming from the east, it looked like a cargo ship but it was carying a lot of people.
You shouldn't really worry about it but just in case Coronithia is creating a lot of troops just in case.
We have heard that an old enemy is creating an army but they say they won't attack, they're just using it as a defence, but we can't trust them.

Monday, 29 June 2009

New theme park built

A new theme park in Coronithia called Extreme theme park.
It has the scariest rides in Coronithia.
It is located in Eustonia.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Please Help!!!

The theatre of possibility is trying to help children in hospitals to be able to cure themselves. (True)

We can't manage it without you so please donate something so we can carry out our project, please help us!!!

Go to:

Monday, 22 June 2009

Be Alert!!!

If you spot an unidentified flying object (U.F.O.) please immediately report it to the Komodia police.
It could be an enemy ship trying to create an invasion.
We have has reports of a galaxy called Drevinia creating an army for the first time.
Drevinia is a small galaxy but is ruled by four people. (There are only a few inhabited planets)
Their army is composed of robots and clones (Very easy to defeat) that have a classified plan.
A Komodian first class spy ship will send us reports about the situation.

Do not underestimate Komodia's power!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

M.I.7 Coronithia

To be able to be in the M.I.7 please visit:


Follow instructions and become a member

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Obtain your own Galactic Passport

To obtain a Galactic passport you must write a comment below showing the name of your planet (If you don't have a planet yet you can read a post called Create your own planet, if you can't find that tipe it in the search box at the top of this blog)

Then also on the comment you must put one of these locations:

Your selections:

-Black Kongdom
-Snow Lonia
-M.C.A. lonia
-Army Kingdom
-Animal Kingdom
-Speciment 675

If the planet you want to have a tour round does not appear on this list then you can write the one you want on the comment below. (It must exist)

C.P.F. colonizations

Speciment 467.

Speciment 364.

Speciment 463.

Speciment 574.

Speciment 985.

Speciment 347.

Speciment 473.

Speciment 944.
Most of these planets are not very populated but they are very beautiful.
You can have a tour round them by using your inter-galactic passport which you can obtain by reading the post above and following it's instructions.
Good luck!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

New Planet Found

We have seen a planet passing over MCA lonia it happened at 6:43 PM.

Now the Royal Air Space Patrol will be investigating.

Last night the Royal Air Space Patrol has confirmed that there is no life on that planet.

CPF have decided that they are going to colonies the planet.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

800 lanasters to be won

You can win 800 lanasters by reading the following text and then answer the questions under the text.

Then on the comment below, put all the answers to it.

Do not put yourself as an anonymous

Journey of a river

The work of the river;

Moving water has energy.

The faster it moves the more energy it has.

Rivers have energy, and they can wear things down, move things and carry them along as they flow.

We call this the work of the river.

The faster a river flows, the more energy it has and the more work it can do.

Streams and rivers alter the landscape by redistributing material through the three processes of erosion, transportation and deposition.

The start of a river;

The start of a river is its source, which could be melting snow or ice, a spring (water bubbling out of the ground), a lake or a bog.

The source of a river is usually in upland areas such as mountains or hills.

Small streams flow downhill from the source and join other streams until they form the main river of a river system.

The streams are the tributaries of the main river.

In upland areas, water in streams and rivers is very fast-flowing, cutting and eroding the land to form valleys, and features such as waterfalls.

A confluence;

Where two streams join, or a stream joins a river, this is called a confluence.

When the ground becomes flatter, the river slows down and starts to swing from side to side (meandering), making large bends (meanders).

Sometimes, these large bends become cut off from the main river, and ox bow lakes areformed.

The mouth;

The end of a river, where it flows into the sea or sometimes a lake, is called its mouth.

The area where the river meets the sea (the tidal part of the river) is called the estuary.

A delta may be formed near the mouth of the river, if the land is very flat and the river is very slow-flowing and carrying a lot of sediment.

Journey of a river questions

1. What does all moving water have in it?

2. Complete:The faster the river flows, the more_______________ .

3. What do we call the beginning of the river?

4. Where does the source come from?

5. Where would we usually find the source of a river? Why?

6. How do streams and rivers change the landscape?

7. How do small streams become part of the river?

8. What do we call these small streams that become part of a river?

9. Where do rivers flow very fast?

10. What happens when fast-flowing water passes?

11. What is a confluence?

12. Why do rivers start flowing slowly?

13. What is a meander?

14. At the end of a river, what do we call the place where the river meets the sea?

15. How are deltas formed?

Create your own planet

If you want to make a planet you can write all about it on the comment below.
On June the 3rd 2009 there will be a chance to win lanasters.
With lanasters you couls save up to probably be able to publish your planet on this blog.
Remember, do not put yourself as an anonybous because otherwise we won't be able to put the money in your account.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Some of the planets in our galaxy

This is a list a list of some of the planets in our galaxy:

Size: 32x Jupiter
Temperature: 30 degrees celcius
Especiality: under water rides
Life: yes

Size: 5x Jupiter
Temperatue: 29 degrees celcius
Especiality: Creation of robots
Life: yes

Snow Lonia
Size: 2x Jupiter
Temperature: -30 degrees celcius
Especiality: Snow all year
Life: Yes

Army Kingdom:
Size: 2x Jupiter
Temperature: 30 degrees celcius
Especiality: the army forces
Life: Yes

Master World:
Size: 1x Jupiter
Temperature: 30 degrees celcius
Especiality: all army masters and generals go there to have special meetings
Life: yes

Size: 1x Jupiter
Temperature: 28 degrees celcius
Especiality: black floorLife: yes

Animal Kingdom:
Size: 21x Jupiter
Temperature: 28 degrees celcius
Especiality: animals
Life: yes

Peace Treety

A peace treety has been sighned by all the planets in Komodia.
A few more planets from other galaxys have signed the peace treety so we will hopefuly won't have any wars.
Just in case we have made an army of 20,000 men

A new Army is being made in Coronithia, Army Kingdom and m.c.a. Lonia.

It already has 20,000 men.

Coronithia has said they would try to make 500 men at the end of the week.

Stars and Comets

Fuegoziness: it's a realy bright comet and wherever it passes it leaves fire behind it.

Aquacines: a comet which is composed of 20% water and when it falls on a planet it is like a huge water bomb.

Trico: it's a star which is so bright that it can blind you if you look at it with a naked eye, to spot it you have to wear special sun-glases that are avaliable in all stores.

Archipenus: a dead star which has no black hole so you can even go up to it without getting sucked in or burned

New Uner Water City in Coronithia

There is a new under water city in Coronithia called Cortazonia.

Location: Under the Coronithian sea
Temperature: 27 degrees celcius
No. of citizenzens: 500,000

It's a truly beautiful place

Rules in Coronithia

The basic rules are these:

-no injuring
-no stealing
-no insulting
-no smoking
-no killing animales with out permission
-no holding guns with out permission
-you must help somewhone if they're injured
-no liying
-no driving when your drunk
-no talking on the phone while driving

If you obay these rules you won't get arested

Wednesday, 20 May 2009



Secret Intelligence Service

The files you are trying to access are classified, please retype your agent name and pass-word under

Monday, 18 May 2009

Atack planed

If you have been on the Komodia Galaxy blog then you might be aware that an atack is being planed.
There are three fases:

Firstly the first fleet will destroy the moon generating the sheild
Secondly the second fleet will atack the planet (we will land 60,000 troops on the planet)
And finaly when the troops have left a huge missile will land on the planet making it to explode

The planet that will be atacked has a code name, 5448
The crime it has caused is classified
The real name from the planet is extremely clasified and you will need full M.I.7 authorisation.
Contact the main M.I.7 base in Cholmley, London, England and ask for the name.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Coronithia Encyclopedia

An encyclopedia is being written and it's all adout Coronithia.
Can you guess who the author is?
Yes, it's me.
It might be published on this blog but the original is being held in "Cholmley Gardens"

Coronithia calendar

There is a calendar that tells when any event will hapen.

Here is the calendar:

16 May: Opening of new hospitals

21 May: Sparta vs Coronithia game finished

23 May: Battle of the planets game finished

25 May: Opening of new police stations

26 May: The Wizard of Mountainland game finished

28 May: Opening of Coronithia Theme Park

29 May: Opening of doctor training camp

31 May: Opening of police training camp

2 June: Opening of advanced millitary training camp

5 June: Opening of upgraded city

11 June: Coronithia Theme Park party

Coronithia files

There are Coronithia files being written and illustrated. In the files you can find all sort of things.
You can read them if your school is called "CaƱada Blanch". Go to class 5b and ask me for them.
You can also read them if you live near or in "Cholmley Gardens".

This is Coronithia

Coronithia has 1 moon, an under water city and quite a hot sun near it.

On the land there are over 1.000.000 citizens.

In the under water city there are about 500.000 citizens.

Coronithian Post

Coronithian Post